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Our rehab center offers top-quality counseling services in Somerville, NJ

Specialized Counseling Services in Somerville, NJ

psychiatric services

Somerset Treatment Services is dedicated to assisting our clients with all of their recovery needs. For individuals who are enrolled in our substance use disorder or HIV services, we provide psychiatric care from a psychiatrist or psychiatric advanced practice nurse. This therapy consists of assessments, medication management (if indicated), and treatment, which are coordinated with the substance use disorder or HIV care you require.


To help clients manage their temper and tolerate situations, we offer a 13-week anger management group that takes place on Thursday evenings. The goal of the program is to provide clients with an understanding of different effective anger styles, ways to cope with stressors, and relaxation techniques that will assist them in managing their strong feelings. Additionally, we teach them how to recognize events and cues that trigger them. Clients are given a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program.

Providing helpful group therapy in Somerville, NJ


The Relapse Prevention Groups are for clients who have had prior experience with substance use disorder treatment and are not currently using drugs or alcohol. In weekly meetings, the group focuses on coping skills, relapse triggers, and daily living skills. Plus, group members are encouraged to support each other in living a substance-free life. Individual counseling is also available for these group participants.


This group offers specialized care for individuals with both a diagnosed psychiatric disorder and a substance use disorder. Both the didactic (educational) and therapeutic-supportive aspects of the group provide information and skills to help individuals work on their dual recovery issues for psychiatric and substance abuse concerns. These counseling services in Somerville, NJ, are coordinated with our agency psychiatric services.


This weekly group therapy focuses on gender-specific issues and provides education and skill-building in a supportive environment. As a participant, you learn various coping skills and gain knowledge to prepare for a life of recovery. Parenting guidance is also provided in this group setting to improve the health of all family members impacted by the individual's substance use.